PHASE 5 - Pump & Flex

PHASE 5 - Pump & Flex

Welcome to Phase 5 Muscle Pump and Flex - This is a very interesting Phase. We are going to lighten our weights and pump out multiple reps. Here we are pushing more blood into muscle, forcing bigger muscular pumps. Then we flex the working muscle. The more blood you can flood into a muscle (other than just always pushing more weight) the more it will respond to growing. The flexing portion of the set helps move that blood in and out of the muscle, giving you a greater pump. This contributes to having better muscle control, in turn creating a stronger muscle contraction. The Mind Muscle connection is critically important here.

PHASE 5 - Pump & Flex
  • Day 2 - Mobility & Recovery Flow #1


    1. Arm Circles (Forward & back)
    2. Hip Circles
    3. Around The World
    4. Top Grabs
    5. Groin Openers
    6. Inch Worms
    7. Cobra Stretch ➡️ Child Pose
    8. Thread The Needle
    9. Scorpion Stretch
    10. Supine Core Rotations
    11. Nerve Floss ➡️ Hamstring Stretch
    12. Glute Stretch Right
    13. Gl...

  • Day 4 - Mobility & Recovery Flow #2


    1. Inch Worms
    2. Yoga Flow ➡️ Cobra Stretch ➡️ Toe Touches
    3. Childs Pose
    4. Thoracic Openers
    5. Bear Swims
    6. Supine Rotations (Windshield Wipers)
    7. Glute Stretch (Push ➡️ Pull)
    8. Knee Drops
    9. Nerve Floss ➡️ Hamstring Stretch
    10. Open Books
    11. Lunge with Side Stretch

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