Shock Tactic Workouts

Shock Tactic Workouts

Welcome to my Shock Tactic (weak point training) workouts. We all have a lagging or a weak muscle group that we just can't seem to get to grow. My Shock Tactic mini workouts will correct any weak point you have . You zone in and concentrate on one weak area per month. Pick One lagging muscle group each month and add in a Shock Tactic workout 2X a week as prescribed (Day 1 and Day 5) Perform the Shock Tactic workout AFTER your primary workout. NO more weak or lagging muscle groups. SHOCK that muscle to grow!

Shock Tactic Workouts
  • Welcome to Shock Tactic

  • Shock Tactic - Shoulders


    1. Single Db Shoulder Press
    2. Sea Saw Lateral Raises (Standing)
    3. Alternating Reverse Grip Shoulder Press
    4. Bent Over Lateral Raises
    5. Single OverHead Seated Press


    1. Single OverHead Seated Press
    2. Bent Over Lateral Raises
    3. Alternating Reverse...

  • Shock Tactic - Chest


    ROUND 1:

    1. Reverse Grip Chest Press (Upper Chest)
    2. Push Ups (Angle Changes)
    3. Cross Body Raises
    4. Decline Push Ups (Upper Chest)
    5. Wide Chest Press
    6. Depth Push Ups


    ROUND 2:

    1. Wide Chest Press
    2. Depth Push Ups
    3. Cross Body Raises
    4. Decline Push...

  • Shock Tactic - Arms

    1. Thigh Curls
    2. Tricep Crush Press
    3. Close Grip Diamond Push Ups
    4. Concentration Curls ➡️ Single Over Head Tricep Extensions (SUPER SET)

  • Shock Tactic - Back

    1. Neutral Grip Tripod Back Rows
    2. Shrugs (Db At Your Sides)
    3. Upright Rows (Alternating)
    4. Pull Overs
    5. Single Wide Back Rows
    6. Db Shrugs (Dumbbells in front)
    7. Upright Rows (Together)
    8. Pullovers

  • Shock Tactic - Legs

    1. Deep Bodyweight Squats
    2. Off Set Lunges (Forward)
    3. RDL
    4. Heavy Goblet Squats


    1. Heavy Goblet Squats
    2. RDL
    3. Off Set Lunges (Reverse)
    4. Deep Bodyweight Squats