PHASE 11 - Athletic Muscle Training

Welcome to Phase 11, Athletic Muscle Training. This Phase focuses on performing functional strength training and movement, the method in which we aren't just training individual muscles in isolation but we are incorporating as many muscle groups as possible in any given exercise and or set. Phase 11 involves highly complex forms of movement, so the workouts are also complex! We are integrating strength training and other systems of training (cardiovascular) that are also designed for increase explosive power. Exercises that help you perform everyday activities more easily. To look athletic we have to train like an athlete.

  • Day 2 - Mobility & Recovery Flow #1


    1. Arm Circles (Forward & back)
    2. Hip Circles
    3. Around The World
    4. Top Grabs
    5. Groin Openers
    6. Inch Worms
    7. Cobra Stretch ➡️ Child Pose
    8. Thread The Needle
    9. Scorpion Stretch
    10. Supine Core Rotations
    11. Nerve Floss ➡️ Hamstring Stretch
    12. Glute Stretch Right
    13. Gl...

  • Day 4 - Mobility & Recovery Flow #2


    1. Inch Worms
    2. Yoga Flow ➡️ Cobra Stretch ➡️ Toe Touches
    3. Childs Pose
    4. Thoracic Openers
    5. Bear Swims
    6. Supine Rotations (Windshield Wipers)
    7. Glute Stretch (Push ➡️ Pull)
    8. Knee Drops
    9. Nerve Floss ➡️ Hamstring Stretch
    10. Open Books
    11. Lunge with Side Stretch

  • AB Attack Workouts

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    Welcome to my Ab Attack and Core Conditioning workouts. These intense core workouts WILL get your midsection lean, strong and fired up. We need to create a strong core foundation for our bodies. A strong foundation is the key to building your strength, for muscle growth and keeps your training in...

  • Bonus Workouts

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